Flight deck to a stage...

Sailor Jerri is a Navy Veteran from central Minnesota.  While serving in the US Navy she worked as an Aviation Mechanic on F/A 18's with the VFA 83 Rampagers.


Jerri started playing guitar and singing for the long term care at the VA, and in veteran support groups.  In April of 2017 she wrote and posted "Hallelujah Veterans Version"  In just a year it was viewed over 125 million times, and downloaded in 22 countries. 

She has been busy writing and in the Studio ever since. "Screen Doors and Steel Guitars" her sophomore album, was released on May 17, 2019, and hit #8 on the iTunes country charts.  It is available here, and on iTunes and Google play.  

Jerri started 2019 when she took off for Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to begin her 2019 tour. Already added to the schedule is over 12 states and 50 shows. 

Jerri filmed a music video for  her original song "I'm Going Anyway" in her squadron's hanger on Naval Air Station Oceana.   It was released in September and has been watched over 210k times so far!


Album #2 just hit iTunes and Google Play!

"Screen Doors and Steel Guitars"

       "I began performing for Veterans in the long term care at the VA, and in  groups online where we meet to give each other support.  They are 100% behind me.  That is an amazing feeling." -Jerri

Music Therapy

Although she's always loved to sing, Jerri didn't start learning the guitar until August of 2016, she posts those messy unedited videos for her fans and followers. "I feel that music is therapeutic and everyone should learn to play. I hope that seeing my struggles to learn, and seeing the progress Ive made will encourage others to take the time and spend the time and energy." ~Jerri


The support and love for Hallelujah Veterans Version has been awesome and overwhelming. No one could have hoped or imagined what its become.  

"Everyone asks what is next... Where do I go, and what do I write?  
That put me under a lot of pressure until I realized the impact this song has had on veterans, and active duty.  Mothers are listening and remembering their sons, wives connect better with their combat veterans because of this song, daughters listen to it and remember their dads, and men and women who wear or have worn the uniform listen to it and remember people they have lost.

I can not top this.  Nothing I can do will surpass this, not even 50 hits that reach #1 can top this.   So the only pressure I have is wondering if I did them justice.  So I'll keep writing and making music.  As long as they want to listen, Ill keep singing." ~Jerri


Hallelujah Veterans Version

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