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Jerri's album "No Rules In Sight" hit #14 on the country charts with very little promotion.  Her audience is large, and loyal with over 54k followers on FB and 15k on YouTube! 

Sailor Jerri is a US Navy Veteran, whose track “Veterans Hallelujah” has been viewed over 150 Million times.”


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Sailor Jerri is a Navy Veteran and Country Music singer from central Minnesota.  Although she's always had a love for singing, she began playing guitar in 2016 so she could perform for the long term care at the VA, and in veteran support groups.  


Jerri's  "Hallelujah Veterans Version"  has been viewed over 150 million times, and her music has been downloaded in 37 countries.​  Her album debut "No Rules In Sight" which reached #14 on the country charts was followed by a sophomore album "Screen Doors and Steel Guitars" which hit #12. She is traveling the country bringing light to veteran issues through music.   Jerri has performed in over 16 states this year, both alone and with her band!

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Bio - extended

150 million views and counting! Sailor Jerri’s Veteran version of “Hallelujah” launched a whirlwind career for this entertainer almost overnight!  The song jump started an exciting career, but it’s the hard work, talent and personality that has brought this Minnesota Navy Veteran all over the United States touring solo and with her band. Her shows & songs are catching fire in the military community as well as the country music scene.

Jerri served as an F/A18 mechanic with the VFA83 Rampagers in the United States Navy.  She spent time on the aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Regan, and also worked on HS60 helicopters. 


Sailor Jerri has always had a love for singing..she began playing guitar so she could sing for the long term care at the VA and veteran support groups. Now, while traveling the country she has been able to bring light to veteran issues through music! 


Her songs “22”, “Strong” and “I’m Going Anyway” have really been hitting home for many of her fans. With a special connection of loyalty between Jerri and her ever-growing fan base, her debut album (No Rules In Sight) peaked at #14 on the itunes chart in 2018.  Her video for “I’m Going Anyway” was filmed on the US Navy base NAS Oceana, and quickly racked up over 200k views. "Screen Doors and Steel Guitars" released in May of 2019, an she's been touring the country promoting!                              Sailor Jerri Music © 2017 by SAILOR SONG LLC

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