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New Music Video for "I'm Going Anyway"

This past year has been a whirl wind, and the summer isn't over yet! We just spent the last weekend in Virginia Beach, VA with my old squadron VFA 83 filming a music video!

I can't thank the Rampagers enough for all of the support they have given me on this video, and the music journey I'm on!

The song "I'm Going Anyway" is literally my story about joining the military. My dad was not stoked when I told him I was going to join. He is not anti-military (not at all), he was simply anti-his-daughter-joining. I think all dads worry lol. My mom on the other hand was not worried.... she (politely) thinks Im a fighter... and figured that people who have the drive to join and serve, SHOULD be the ones going.

I told them that someone has to go. If we all say "someone else can do it" then NO ONE WILL. I knew there was risk... we all know. But I knew that I was going anyway.

I can't wait to release the video for you all to see! Look for it later this fall!

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